• Brand Design System

    Golden Leaf Education Foundation

Brand Design

From the ground up, SUCHa created the brand design system for non-profit, Golden Leaf Education Foundation (GLEF). Rooting from the 200+ page book that we designed, “Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” by Kilong Ung, the foundation’s logo echoes the book’s design — building equity for both.

GLEF’s mission is to empower humanity by enhancing educational opportunities internationally, in memory of genocide victims and in honor of survivors, “golden leaves.” Its tagline, Building the Foundations for Peace, leads GLEF's messaging as it raises awareness and funds to construct school buildings in rural Cambodia.

SUCHa first adapted the book’s titling to the foundation’s logo, grew its core brand asset library, and designed its communication collateral for digital and print. GLEF has benefited from all three of our design stages, Discover, Uplift and Support. In celebrating its eleventh anniversary in 2021, GLEF has constructed six school buildings, four basketball courts, and empowered over 5,400 students. With partners, GLEF has supplied water filtration systems, hundreds of bikes to students living far from schools, and thousands of uniforms and school supplies. SUCHa continues to be an active partner with GLEF in directing its marketing materials and in partnering in its development and growth.

Design Stage Highlights


  • Logo Design Exploration
  • Logo & Tagline Design
  • Color Palette System
  • Support Graphics (background pattern)
  • System for Social Media, Wearables, Brochures, Posters, Postcards & Invitations
  • Website Design (Upgrade to come)
  • Annual Fundraising Videos

Uplift Event Wayfinding

  • Event Table-Top Graphics
  • Promotional Items


  • Brochure Design & Production
  • Social Media Graphics, Albums & Posts
  • Website Programming & Maintenance
  • Event & Program Development
  • PR Communication
Partner of: Golden Leaf Education Foundation
Photo Credits: (Top) David Schwartz, (Book) Jennifer Brinkman &
(Events) Chanly Bob