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SUCHa is a graphic design studio specializing in Uplifting Brand Design.

Uplifting Brand Design — What’s That?

Besides it being a feel-good phrase, it’s also one of our three design stages that enhances a brand in route for a change — ready to evolve for some “re”ason: rediscovery, restructure, retelling, redesign, refresh…or simply, a brand is ready to move forward.

Sound familiar? Sound overwhelming?

It can be…but with SUCHa, we guide our clients using a holistic process — a series of stages uplifting brand design projects, providing a well-balanced momentum throughout our collaborative work.

SUCHa’s design process encompasses three stages (Uplift being one of them):

Design to Establish or
Refresh a Brand

Design for Enhancing
Brand Assets

Expanding Upon
Brand Assets

Let’s Break it Down…

Dig in a Bit More • Where Collaboration Begins

Through our process, we connect with a brand’s needs utilizing one or more of these stages: Discover, Uplift and Support.

  • SUCHa helps identify which stage to enter into the creative or production process for successful results.
  • By investing in the appropriate stage(s), collaborative results with SUCHa produce strong, meaningful, flexible systems to build a brand’s equity.

The real voyage of discovery
consists not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Discover Your Brand

Whether you are a new business or one that’s been around for years, you know having an authentic, consistent brand adds value, connection and trust with your clients/customers.

For new ventures in branding, or thoughtful restructuring of an existing brand, collaborate with SUCHa in defining the focus, goal, look and feel to your brand’s purpose, personality and culture.

With Discover, SUCHa encourages you to share your stories, goals, dreams and challenges. Collaboratively, we map out a custom route to create or refresh your brand system.

The outcome of Discover may include one or more of these items, depending on your project’s scope:

  • Brand manifesto — your “Why”
  • Written content that lends to your brand's voice and culture
  • Logo and tagline design representing your brand
  • Color system to express your brand
  • Additional system components to compliment your brand such as illustrations, patterns and/or custom imagery libraries
  • Brand style guide to inform users how to implement your system (share with production artists, designers, programmers, the media, etc.)

Discover is tailored to your brand. To begin, share a bit about your project.

Uplift Your Brand

Your basic brand system is thriving, but you're seeking a fresh perspective to evolve or enhance your next tier pieces. This collaborative process develops custom solutions that further complement your existing system.

Uplift typically begins with a discussion in which you share with SUCHa as to how well your brand is working, if your brand has any challenges to solve and/or dreams to realize.

With Uplift, a basic brand system is already in strong working order (see Discover) and is ready to evolve the system by introducing your “wish list” or next tier items, such as:

  • Social materials (profiles, covers, posts)
  • Presentation materials (folders, displays, catalogs, packaging)
  • Exterior/interior signage (sign & window identity, wayfinding systems, placemaking “story-telling” signage/displays)
  • Promotional items (wearables, invites, gifts)

Uplift is tailored to your brand. To begin, share a bit about your brand challenges and/or wish list items.

Support Your Brand

Consider SUCHa your other set of hands to move a project forward. Support is available for a wide variety of small- to mid-sized teams, such as:

  • Artist Brands
  • Nonprofits
  • B Corporations (Socially & Environmentally Conscious Businesses)
  • Business Development Leaders
  • In-House Design/Marketing Departments
  • Fellow Design Studios/Agencies
  • Architects
  • Developers

SUCHa’s brand design capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategy & Development (Story, Voice, Direction, Culture, Personality)
  • Brand Assets (Logo & Taglines, Color & Pattern Systems, Style Guides)
  • Brand Identity Packages (Business Cards, Email Signatures, Social Media Presence)
  • Event & Promotional Packages (Posters, Wearables, Displays, Social Media Presence)
  • ​Signage & Wayfinding Systems (Identity, Navigation, Maps)
  • Placemaking Graphics (Branding for Environments & Communities)
  • Digital Presence (Websites, Social Media, E-News)

Support services are unique for each work relationship. Reach out to us today with an outline describing your situation. SUCHa will follow up according to your schedule.