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Marri-Beth Serritella

Creative Director

Marri-Beth Serritella

For over 20 years, I’ve been leading SUCHa in design. My nature is being a helper, an achiever and one that shares a friendly calmness in stressful times, and a lightness throughout projects. Design is a talent I am grateful to do almost everyday, and it's a fantastic vehicle as a lifelong learner. When working with me, expect a positive, optimistic personality, that encourages momentum throughout projects. If you enjoy collaborative, curious and service-oriented teammates, this is me.

Stephen Bachara


Stephen Bachara

In 1999, I started SUCHa (aka Sucha Production), and I now show up as advisory and administrative support, excelling in IT, logistics, structural design, print/digital production, and programming. In creating a small business, I’ve worn many hats, from tech problem solving to bookkeeping, to enhancing physical and virtual spaces from bamboo market kiosks to digital environmental displays. After years of volunteering in youth sports and education enrichment by serving on boards and on the field, 2022 has me leveraging these experiences in work with high school students.


With well over 10,000 hours of design, from the gateway logo and business card set, to enhancing a brand through wayfinding and placemaking, SUCHa brings confidence, a positive attitude, a boatload of skills and hearts full of inspiration and talent to the table.


Your business works hard and deserves to shine. SUCHa creates and produces high-quality materials that are both welcoming & have a solid, authentic base because of the collective thoughts shared with our teammates with every project.


SUCHa is proactive with our clients and offer friendly design services and production management to help keep up enthusiasm and project momentum. We strive to build long-lasting work relations. On average, 10-year work anniversaries are something SUCHa has had the great fortune to celebrate with its clients, teammates and creative partners.


Creative Collaboration

  • 1990s

    Getting Our Sea Legs

    SUCHa started in 1999, but prior its team worked freelance style in Chicago — everywhere from quick printers, to various clubs and record labels, to studios like Gray Cat Design, to giants like BlueCross Blue Shield, to nonprofit American (Chicago) Lung Association and creative agencies of Backyard Animation/Backyard Productions. Even got to do some work for Michael Jordan and his restaurant. In 1997, a move to Portland, Oregon brought us to Widen & Kennedy as well as Johnson & Wolverton working on Nike and Miller Genuine Draft. Then, we routed back to the boutique shops and landed at The Fox Creative Group for a few years. Wrapping up our work there for Gardenburger B2B and National Geographic Interactive, SUCHa (then called, Sucha Production) began. We earned a couple of our first design awards toward the latter part of the decade.
  • 2000s

    Establishing Our Design Home

    Based in Portland, SUCHa Production began with photo retouching and print production for various creative studios and agencies in town. In 2003, SUCHa began working with Rich Layton of Transform Communications designing for his client in Iowa, Vision Point and our design relationship began with local NW Children’s Theater & School, which we remain active with today. During this time, we shared a design award with NWCT for a biannual report. Parenthood entered the picture and the studio kept chugging, sleep deprivation and all.
  • 2010s

    Making the World a Better Place

    This decade built upon the momentum of SUCHa designing the book, “Golden Leaf: A Khmer Rouge Genocide Survivor” by Kilong Ung (2009), partnering with the author and some remarkable friends to form Golden Leaf Education Foundation (in 2010), a nonprofit building schools in rural Cambodia. Thanks to many hands, numerous donations and big hearts, this endeavor thrives now with six school buildings, empowering over 6,000 students and so much more. This makes SUCHa’s design work global. The Cambodian-American Community of Oregon awarded us their President’s Award for our outstanding contribution for our profound contribution in humanitarian work to make the world a better place. With much gratitude, this work led to us seeking more purpose-driven design work, and becoming a Wholehearted Business Development virtual teammate through design services. This avenue of work aligns with us, and where continue to seek growth. Wrapping up this decade, we’ve done some self-care by refreshing our own brand, shortening our name to SUCHa and introducing our new tagline that better shares the spirit of what we do — Uplifting Brand Design.
  • 2020

    Listen • Learn • Stand Up

    Our decade begins with a global pandemic, during which, centuries to present day racism are seen, heard and reported to reach the public at higher levels. SUCHa is an anti-racist ally. We commit to listening, we are active in seeking ways to better educate ourselves with Black history, systemic racism, current events, and being present in valuing & supporting racial equity. In design, we partner with businesses and organizations that share and weave these values throughout their work.