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SUCHa ~ Uplifting Brand Design

SUCHa ~ Uplifting Brand Design is a woman-led studio that believes design connects people, and in our shared human need to be valued — to belong, to be included, we strive to design for inclusivity, to promote optimal opportunities in connection.

SUCHa is a full-service design studio that serves small to mid-sized establishments and nonprofits. Our specialty is empowering mission-based endeavors in their pursuit of positively connecting communities through clarity in their brand design, story and values.

We are here to provide design services in creating meaningful, sustainable design solutions that have the flexibility and strength to evolve with you.

SUCHa guides projects through a holistic process of design stages: Discover, Uplift and Support.

A Small Studio With

Capabilities a Plenty

SUCHa’s capabilities include:

  • Strategy & Development: Outline & Guide to Roll Out Your Brand’s Personality
  • Brand Assets: Logo & Tagline Design, Color & Pattern System, Style Guide
  • Digital Presence for Brands: Email Signatures, Websites, Social Media, E-News
  • Print Identity Packages: Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, Packaging
  • Brand Event & Promotional Campaigns: Social Media Presence, Digital and Print Displays, Wearables/Merchandise
  • ​Signage & Wayfinding Systems: Identity, Navigation, Maps
  • Placemaking Graphics: Branding for Interior and Exterior Environments

Virtual or Onsite


Into collaboration? So are we! Whether building a brand system from the ground up, or maintaining a thriving system, we welcome a team approach in Uplifting Brand Design. For larger scope adventures, SUCHa expands its team by reaching out to our partners on a project/client-needs basis.